More Progress on Blue Character.

So I have continued work on these characters and wanted to share some progress on this guy.  I am told the character is a weatherman.  His costuming will be awesome, and I can’t wait to add his facial features.  I went through a very long patterning process to get the head shape I wanted, but I’m finally happy.


This project requires a lot of hand stitching to properly contour to the shape of the foam.  Can’t say I mind.  I find hand stitching to be a very relaxing activity.10157363_10200852666037483_662381463_n1000647_10200852882482894_251522253_n

The next step will be to attach the head to the body and get his costuming work done when the arms are built.



And as always, if you have custom puppet creation needs, feel free to email me at so that we can discuss your idea and quote you a price.


Original puppet patterns by James Kemp for purchase!

Just a reminder that sells two original head shape patterns designed by myself as well as fleece coverings for both!  They can be ordered by contacting me at

First is the ever versatile oblong head shape as well as a depiction of the head covered in fleece and ready for use on a puppet!  This foam pattern is $30 and and the fleece covering is $10.


Our second pattern is a bit more intricate.  This is the human head shape pattern I sell.  The foam pattern is $50 and the fleece covering (not pictured) is $10

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Don’t forget to finish off your puppet with a body!  This body pattern is completely versatile, re sizable, and comes with fleece covering all for just $20

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Bed Bug spots by Sublime Media Group

Here are the two commercials we shot featuring the bed bug puppets I built.  The shorter bug is performed by me, while the other bug is performed by David Hosay.  Both pieces turned out to be really great local spots.  It took about five hours of shooting to get both of these. Much thanks to our director Austin Albany and everyone who worked on this.  Enjoy!  For more cool stuff, check out   And watch for us again soon as we use puppet characters I have built in the past for some very cool ads for a local Toyota dealership.


Bed Bugs for Guarantee Pest and WBKO

two weeks ago I found out I had been asked to create two bed bug puppets for a pest control company and the Bowling Green television station WBKO.  The budget wasn’t very big and the time was very limited but I really pulled this one off.  Firstly, with restrictions in mind, our director, Austin Albany, created a simple yet effective design for the bugs.  There were to be two, each slightly different than the other.



After getting the design, it was my job to bring them to life.



I finished them off with a mouth-full of carved foam teeth and voila! They are nasty, scary, and ready for action on screen.


Bali completion!

After too long, Bali for Dave Hulteen of Bang and Bump fame is done.  From concept drawing to finished product I am very proud of how this puppet turned out.  I spent countless hours trimming all of that fur, but in the end, it was totally worth it.


I even had a custom tag made for him with the puppet’s name on the front, and the owner (Dave Hulteen) on the back.  Thought it would be a nice touch.


Roxie the video vixen.

What an incredible opportunity I had to work on a fun little woman named Roxie.  The client wanted her to scream sex appeal (as much as a puppet can), and I think I pulled it off.  This build, like many as of late, was FULL of challenges and skills I had never used before.  So many fun details made this project a blast.


The first big new thing about this project was the use of a closed cell foam to add extra support to the top of the head, for her heavy hair, and on the body to support her bust.  Speaking of which, I chose to use a solid plastic under structure for her breasts instead of foam so that would look like a fake boob job.  Applying the fleece skin layer to them was NOT an easy task.  It took some very careful patterning and gluing to make them perfectly smooth all over.



I had a decent budget for this project, so I didn’t spare on cute accessories.  Especially these cool fake nails.



I added the fleece covering to the entire puppet and start pinning on and experimenting with features.



Finally, its time to add clothing and all of those fun accessories.  I bought her clothes and modified them myself to make them form fitting and fun looking, her top and her black skirt sandwich her exposed stomach with a cute belly button ring!




Here we have the completed puppet!  I love her hair.  Everything about this project turned out well.  I had the pupils custom designed and printed.  I put a lot of time into those flirty eyes. including four renditions of them before settling on the final look.  Seen in the last picture.


Just remember, if you need custom building work done, email me


My trip to Sesame Workshop!

I was invited to attend the 2014 Sesame Street puppeteer workshop, and boy did I have the time of my life.  The trip to New York City was hectic and filled with delays and cancelled flights, but I made it


Meeting the talented puppeteers behind some of my favorite characters was definitely a highlight.  As was seeing how the workshop offices were decorated!  So much memorabilia and toys lined the walls and shelves, and the otherwise plain, black walls of the hallways were decorated with elaborate chalk drawings of the characters! 1511720_10200573167730200_334009803_n1654254_10200573167610197_1384363777_n1794634_10200573172490319_1139801700_n1780793_10200579598490965_336034641_n1798809_10200573169290239_905659170_n

Matt Vogel, Marty Robinson and Peter Linz were the workshop instructors and drilled us each day with puppetry techniques as well as character development and acting exercises!  What a fantastic group of down to earth people.  And so funny!

Of course, my favorite part was getting to meet two of my very favorite Sesame Street residences… Telly Monster and Count Von Count!



Everyone there was so talented.  I felt so honored to be part of the closely knit group.  I met some really amazing people from all over the country and definitely hope to bump into many of them again!   As a small side note, I have some AWESOME pictures from my trip, but due to the expressed request of Sesame Workshop, I am unable to post them.

62374_10200601350154743_535557337_n 1510906_10200601350274746_108880682_n 1688938_10200601350474751_924603067_n 15994_10200601349954738_142916971_n

Lyle Completion.

This guy is finally done and he looks great! I custom made some huge, fun eyes for this guy in my vacuum form machine and gave him some massive pupils.  All of his fun features and his texture really make him unique.  I am so glad I got the chance to build this guy.   Check out the video in the link to see him in action along with other puppets that I am currently working on.