Puppet Raffle! Win a ONE of a kind custom puppet

Hey folks, James here.   I am about to raffle off this one of a kind custom puppet that has been in my personal collection for a few years now.  He is hand built and hand stitched from the highest quality puppet materials available including reticulated foam that won’t tear or crumble, and flesh colored […]

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Teacher Creature

I was contacted about building a puppet for a web series featuring a teacher persona teaching children over the video.  I was immediately interested and began work.  I immediately began doing some sketches (though I am terrible with a pencil) and wound up with these.



We decided on this one.

He is going to be covered […]

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New puppet pattern offer!

I am making available the foam head pattern and fleece covering pattern used to make this cute guy for my upcoming short film!

This pattern is great for making any sort of basically shaped character!  It can be enlarged to accommodate any head size you desire.  Have fun with this pattern for $30.  This includes the […]

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Toyota of Bowling Green

Great work from the Sublime Media Group production team and to David Hosay for puppeteering this spot with Ted, the puppet I built for Sublime.  I was on set to assist and advise.

And remember, if you’re looking to have advertisement work done for you or a custom puppet built, please contact me at


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New Guarantee Pest spot

Check out the latest spot for Guarantee Pest from Sublime Media group!  This was a lot of fun, as always.  I play the spider and the smaller bug on the right.  David Hosay performs the other bug!

And remember, if you’re looking to have advertisement work done for you or a custom puppet built, please contact […]

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Puppet short film!

As the title implies, I am in the middle of producing a short film featuring an original puppet.  I don’t want to go into too much plot detail yet, but it is about a middle aged man who’s life goes to hell.  In a fit of drunken sadness, he has a vision of his childhood […]

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The Days of my Life

Life has been a blur as of late.  I graduate from WKU in May with my degree in Television and Film production.  I have been avidly trying to finish up school and have had to push puppet projects to the side.  All of that is changing this summer.  Building puppets will be a much bigger […]

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Merry Christmas form Sublime Puppets!

This is a marvelous short puppet film by the incredible team at Sublime Media Group. We are proud of this, and hope to do more in the future. BIG shout out to David Hosay, who brought Sid the squirrel to life. If you enjoy puppet projects like this, let us know so that we can […]

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Back in 2012, I attempted an original character I called Ralphie.  I loved the design I had in my head but it just didn’t seem to translate into the puppet.  It was big, bulky, and awkward.


A few months back, I decided to rebuild the puppet as I had wanted it the first time.  I put […]

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Here he is! And isn’t he just adorable.  Too cute.


As always, if you are interested in custom puppet work, contact me with your idea at

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