Meet Chip the Squirrel!  Like most custom puppet characters, Chip started out as an idea with loose references.  When a client comes to me with an idea, but no actual design, I go to one of a few designer friends of mine for the project.  This guy was designed by Clayton Roderer of C.W. Roderer art. You can check out his work here.

Chip is a puppet meant to be performed on stage.  More specifically, from behind a tree prop.  So, keeping this design challenge in mind was crucial for the execution of the puppet. Chip’s entrance hole is not underneath, as is the case with most puppets. The entrance hole is located in the back of the puppet. As you can see, Chip is a full-bodied character with fun little legs and a wonderfully fuzzy tail. 

Chips teeth are made from precision cut L-200 closed cell foam, and his eyes were cast in resin and painted. Most of Chip’s body is covered in a plush teddybear-type fabric, but his cheeks, mouth, and belly are all a much longer fur that had to be meticulously trimmed and styled. Cutting and styling fur like this is very time consuming.

I always love getting to do something new, and Chip presented a lot of interesting challenges that had to be worked out along the way.  Even down to what type of fur to use, and what to make his features from. And its always a bonus working from a great design!

Check out the pictures of Chip below, and as always, feel free to contact me HERE for a quote on your very own custom puppet.

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